Driving Test

Our Experienced Instructors Guide Our Students to Success

The ultimate goal of drivers education is to ensure you become a qualified and safe driver, and help you pass your driving test. At Yusra Driving School, we are equipped to take you from being a person who has never sat in the drivers seat of a car, to successfully obtaining your drivers license in Ontario in a short amount of time. As evidenced by the many positive reviews from our happy students that have completed the drive test, we have a great success rate.

Learning How to Drive

We are a licensed provider of Beginner Driver Education, approved by the Ministry of Transportation. We offer a complete 4-day driving course (which potentially makes you eligible for an auto insurance discount), driving courses during the winter months and throughout the year, advanced driving courses for seniors, and improvement lessons for drivers that need additional work on key skills.

Driving Test Booking at Toronto & Scarborough Test Centres

Our staff can book you for the G2 test, G road test, and also help you prepare for the road test. We can even provide you with an automobile for the road exam at the Drive Test Centre near you. We service Scarborough and the greater city of Toronto.

Our experienced driving instructors will carefully observe your driving performance and ensure you spend more time practicing skills that you need help with and that will be important during the driving exam. Practice makes perfect, as they say, so the more time you spend practicing your driving skills the more comfortable you will be come so you will be able to demonstrate your driving ability with ease during the test.

Ready to Get Started?

Call us today to discuss your needs so you can achieve the milestone of getting your drivers license easily. We offer pick-up and drop off services for on the road training, so don’t worry if you don’t have a car of your own to travel to your in-the-car training lesson.

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