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If you’re ready to embark upon the journey of obtaining your drivers license and want to work with an easy driving school that can help you successfully complete your driving test in Toronto, we can help you achieve your goal.

Driving Test Toronto – Coaching for the G1 & G2

As a Ministry of Transportation approved drivers ed school, we offer a curriculum that is designed to help students who want to obtain their license under Ontario’s graduated licensing system. You can obtain both in-class and on the road training in an automatic car that will provide you with the knowledge necessary to pass your Toronto drive test.

We offer a 4-day Beginner Drivers Education course that will prepare you for your test, and can make you potentially eligible for a discount on your car insurance. You can have your lessons at any time of the year, including in the winter. And, we also provide advanced driver training for seniors, as well as improvement courses for drivers that require extra work on important skills.

Drive Test Toronto Locations

We can book you for the G road test or the G2 test, in addition to teaching you the skills necessary for road test preparation. We can also provide an automobile you can use for your road exam in the nearest drive test centre, including the Metro East, Port Union, or Downsview locations.

Our knowledgeable driving coaches will analyze your driving to pinpoint areas where you need to spend additional time practicing to master skills that will be evaluated during your Toronto drive test. We understand that the more you practice these skills, the easier it will be for you to demonstrate them when asked to during the test that matters. Our aim is to help you pass on the first try.

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