Driving Lessons in Scarborough

We can help you achieve success.

Whether you are a beginner driver in the Scarborough area or you are looking for a refresher course to brush up your driving skills, Yusra Driving School is the right choice. We are licensed by the MTO and offer driving lessons in Scarborough throughout the year. Our comprehensive and consistent training has helped many drivers master the driving skills necessary to pass the drive test, and our students have a high success rate.

Prices for Scarborough Driving Lessons

If you are looking for cheap driving instruction, our package and hourly prices for drivers ed were created to offer a very good value and fit the budget of all students. Click here to view our various packages.

In-Class and In-Car Training

We offer a variety of learning alternatives to accommodate both students who just need a few hours of instruction to brush up on a few key skills, as well as those that want comprehensive in-class and in-car tutoring to provide hands on experience in operating a car. We can create a customized plan for your Scarborough driving lessons any student.

G/ G2 Driving Lessons Scarborough

We create our lessons to provide students with the skills to be successful in the graduated drivers license system offered in the province of Ontario so you can obtain your license and enjoy the freedom of driving as quickly as possible.

Our students consistently rate us as among the top schools for drivers ed in Scarborough. Selecting a good driving teacher is important, and when you choose us you can be sure of receiving thorough and patient instruction that will help you become an effective and competent driver.

We offer pick-up and drop off services for students across Scarborough, whether you are in Agincourt, Malvern, the Scarborough Bluffs or somewhere in between. And, we provide training during the weekday and evenings, as well as on the weekends. Contact us today to begin your training.

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