Affordable Driving School in Toronto

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Trying to find an affordable driving school in Toronto near you? We can help. Yusra Driving School is licensed by the MTO to offer training for beginner drivers in Toronto and Ontario, and we provide high quality drivers ed at a cost that all students can afford. Whether you just want a few hours of professional training in a car to get you ready to take your driving test, or you want a full course that offers both in-car and in-class components, we have solutions to fit your needs.

4-Day Toronto Affordable Driving School Course

Our aim is to make sure that by the end of your training you have the information and the practice required to successfully complete your driving test and earn your drivers license, and our 4-day course was created with this goal in mind. It offers in-class coaching by trained instructors, in addition to real-life training driving a car so you can get hands-on experience on how to operate a car safely.

The course also includes homework that requires you to enhance your in-class instruction with further reading and practice. The package includes a workbook to enable you to summarize your learning and test your knowledge. This all-in-one package is offered at rates that fit your pocketbook. Read here for more information on our 4-day training.

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Benefits of Working With Us

Choosing a Toronto driving school with affordable prices is now easy. When you select us, you will obtain best-in-class drivers ed from knowledgeable trainers that are accredited by the MTO to provide beginner drivers education. If you’re alread an experienced driver and need a refresher course, or a Senior that wants to enhanced their skills, we offer affordable rates for that too.

Areas We Serve

We service all of Scarborough. This includes Agincourt, the Bluffs, Wexford, Malvern, and more. In addition, we can also pick students up and drop them off for in-car instruction.

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Call today if you have question, or would like to schedule your training. You’ll be one step closer to obtaining your drivers license.