Affordable Driving School in Scarborough

Excellent Drivers Ed at Prices All Students Can Afford

Students looking for an affordable driving school in Scarborough choose us because of the quality of our training and because our prices are designed to suit the budget of just about anyone. If you’re interested in learning how to drive at a cost that is within reach we offer a great, comprehensive 4-day course that covers all the important bases, or we can even develop a custom training plan for you using our affordable hourly fees.

What to Look for in An Affordable Driving School in Scarborough – Our 4-Day Course

Our focus is on ensuring you have the information required and the practice necessary to master the skills that will be evaluated on your drive test so that you will be successful. Our 4-day training includes in-class lectures by an accredited driving teacher, as well as in-car training so that you learn to drive the best way – by driving a real car on Canada’s roadways. It also requires several hours of homework so you can expand upon what you learn in the classroom by furthering your knowledge with additional reading, quizzes, and in-car practice. The program offers a handy notebook so you can record what you are learning and continue to test your skills. All of this is available at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.

Why Choose Us

Selecting a driving school in Scarborough that is affordable is an important choice. When you choose us, you’ll receive training from an MTO accredited school that is licensed to provide drivers ed for beginners. However, we also offer advanced training for mature drivers and courses for seniors who want to brush up their skills after many years experience on the road.

Service Areas

Our students come to us from every corner of Scarborough, including Wexford, the Bluffs, Agincourt, Malvern, and more. We also provide pick-up and drop-off services for in-car training.

Have Questions?

Give us a call today to book your training. The sooner you begin, the closer you’ll be to achieving your goal of obtaining your license.

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